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IMSE Senior Projects

Spring 2007
Fall 2007
Senior Project Spring 2007
Faculty Prof. Mehmet Savsar
KUWAIT FLOUR MILLS & BAKERIES CO. (KFMB) is a premier establishment in food Industry in the State of Kuwait. It is a primary source for most of food industries and food Distributors in Kuwait. Established in 1961 under the name of "Kuwait Flour Mills Company", focused to expand it's interests in specialized food products and introduced several products to the market under it's own Brand names at affordable prices, which now has become part of every day life of general public in Kuwait. The company has six factories which are:
1.       Mills
2.       Macaroni Plant
3.       Biscuit Plant
4.       Vegetable Oil Plant
5.       Sabhan Central Bakery
6.       Kuwait Supply Company
This comprehensive study focuses on the analysis and redesign of the working and production system at Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company including all of its factories and plants using several Industrial engineering tools and methodologies. Such fields include the following areas that are analyzed and improved accordingly:
1.       Material Requirement Planning and Inventory Control System Design.
2.       Demand Forecasting and Aggregate Production Planning System Design.
3.       Supply Chain and Logistics System Design.
4.       Reliability and Maintenance Management System Design.
5.       Acceptance Sampling and Process Quality Control System Design.
6.       Productivity Enhancement Methods.
7.       Human Factors and Ergonomics Analysis.
The main goal of this study is to present new and improved methodologies and approaches to the company that would have a dramatic impact on the profit, cost and productivity of the system. This is done in parallel with designing a system that incorporates the highest quality standards for the products that would eventually reflect the customer's requirements, needs and expectations. This study, ultimately, is built to reduce waste of time, money, materials and energy spent in operating the company's factories and plants.         
We would like to thank Allah the all mighty for the bounties and the blessings he provided for us throughout our life. We would like to thank Kuwait Flower Mills and Bakeries Company management for providing us with the information needed to complete this study. Moreover, we are delighted to express our sincere thanks to all the honorable Industrial and Management System Engineering faculty members who endowed us with their endless support and help during this semester. It is our pleasure to thank Dr. Mehmet Savsar, the coordinator and supervisor of this course, in addition to Professor Adel Ali, Dr. Tarik AlDowaisan, Professor Ali Allahverdi, , Dr. Majid AlDaihany, Dr Fawaz Abdullmalik, Dr. Ahmed AlShenawi, Dr. Sayid Naqavi, Dr. Esra'a AlEisa, Dr. Mohammed AlKhedher and Engineer Tahany Elhosainy for their never-ending generosity in helping us carry this study and sharing their knowledge with us. Finally, we would like to dedicate a special thanks to our dearest families who helped us endure the stress and pressure that came along with this course and encouraged us to over come all the obstacles.